Build Your Thriving Business in Solar
A 3 Module Course

New course begins April, 2024!


Solar Collectors & Tanks

Orienting for Sun Angles

Mounting Systems

Active System Types


Site Analysis: start to finish

Estimate Hot Water Usage Location and Weather

Shading issues


Using System Advisor Model by NREL

Collectors & Tank Models

Top Financial Performers

Bonus Module: Risk Assessment for Solar Water Heating

Includes The Solar Power Optimizer
and The Site Evaluation Workbook

Invest in Your Future Today

Course Instructor
A Message from Peter Biondo

You’re not simply here because of my extensive four-decade career in solar thermal technology.

You’re here for a new teaching experience different from anything you have seen before or heard from anyone else. Because I've trained hundreds of engineers, design-build contractors and solar entrepreneurs, I'm well equipped to serve you as a guide to help you build your professional skills and business in solar energy.

Solar Thermal Essentials
Much more than a beginners course!
Unlock your potential in solar water heating today!


"Peter's training style is helpful,

not condescending. His knowledge is immense, yet he is always learning. It's obvious to me, Peter knows what he is teaching because he's done it!"

Richard Copeland

Service Manager

Verde Sol Air

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