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We've tailored scholarship plans for a student or a gifted employee.

You may name who receives a scholarship plan.

  • The Solar Power Optimizer workbook and training videos
  • The Solar Thermal Essentials course for high performance solar energy modeling
  • Premier Partner Scholarship Fund

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The Essential Solar Hot Water Method Membership

One Student's journey begins with a one year Membership!

The Membership Experience Scholarship provides an amazing opportunity for one full year, enabling your student to get closer to their specific goals in solar technology.

1 Year Membership
Gift at $290


Solar Thermal

Our Solar Thermal Essentials course is the first stage for all students, designed to provide a unique learning experience in solar hot water technology. During this course, students will master solar energy performance modeling.


Course Price $197

Gift at $197


Premier Partner

Scholarship Fund

iSolar Hot Water Academy

Together, we advance the brightest students to the professional level they seek, equipping them with solar professional knowledge that will serve them for a lifetime.

$500 Pledge


Together, we can make a difference and advance solar energy technology!

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